From the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome to the Bronte Church family today!  We hope that you will find meaning, inspiration, hope and be blessed by our study and worship experience.  It is that time and season of the year.  The leaves are turning to that picturesque hue of orange, brown, red and yellow.  The golden coloured harvest of crops surround us that gives such a scene of exquisite beauty.  The bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, rice pilaf, and turkey (veggie for some!)   It’s that time of year again…we enjoy Thanksgiving.  However, it reminds us of the changing seasons of life and how we should approach it.  Are we thankful for our lives, our families, our health, our work, and all the blessings, privileges, opportunities but also the challenges that life affords us?  We are persons of habit and of such we have preferences for things that make us happy and by extension thankful.  When last have you stopped to be thankful for the “small stuff” in your life, like the air you breathe, being able to read this, walk, use your body, your spouse, child(ren), family and above all to the One who makes all this and more possible.  The Bible says in Ephesians 5:20, “Giving thanks always for all things unto God…”  Live life with an attitude of gratitude.    You will experience better health in every way because if you can find more things to be thankful for than complain about then you are beginning to really live!  Be thankful you can read this today and be blessed!


  • This month we will be having our Bible studies after service at 2:30 pm on our Spiritual Heritage and History.  Please make an effort to come out and join us.