Pastoral Post for July 1, 2016

Today we are celebrating our country’s 149th year. Living in Canada, we have so many privileges that, unless we stop and think about it, we take for granted – we live in a peaceful nation with many allies, have access to leading education and healthcare, and most importantly, allow accepted diversity and freedom. This last point – diversity and freedom – is part of the basis of this month’s theme, “Staying Connected to the Source.” If we consider that the Ultimate Source that we, as Christians, should be connected to is the Heavenly Father, than because of our religious liberties in Canada, the only thing stopping us from being connected to Him is our own free-will and choice. Just imagine what those in other countries go through to worship – condemnation, attack, and conviction, and even death… yet still they risk it all to put Our Lord first and worship Him. How inspirational!

Let’s take advantage of our first-world benefits and use our ability to freely praise Our Father for this and all that He deserves. I look forward to seeing everyone at Sabbath tomorrow, but if you happen to be away from Bronte this weekend, have a wonderful Sabbath.

Many blessings to everyone this weekend.

Pastor Daniel D. Saugh