Season’s Greetings From the Pastor’s Desk


When we think about this time of year, it is nostalgic in some ways. The season affects us all differently. Some get happy, warm fuzzies, and excited. Others look forward to good food, fellowship, gift exchanges, family time, and rest and relaxation. However, for another group, it can be a time of deep reflection, sadness, or perhaps loneliness. We may not all celebrate the same way, but we can all celebrate about this one most indispensable, indisputable, and immeasurable gift of God’s love, JESUS, the REASON for the SEASON. We can be certain; we are never alone, for He is Immanuel, GOD WITH US. In the good times and in the bad times, in the warmth and in the cold, in our sadness and in our gladness, in our losses and in our gains, He is GOD WITH US! We have reason to celebrate because He is our hope; He has brought peace, good will, good news; He is the greatest gift that we can receive, and share with others. Let us make room and make Him every part of our lives, our homes, and our families. May we pause again, take a moment, catch our breath and remember why we reflect. Will you let Him into the “Inn” of your heart today? Be blessed this season and accept God’s greatest gift of love, His only begotten Son, wrapped in swaddling clothes as a babe, who became a man, who became our Savior, and who is become our song, our strength, and our Salvation! What a God! Blessings to everyone this week.