From the Pastor’s Desk – December 9 2017

We can’t wait to welcome to the Bronte church family where we will meet again to study, worship, and fellowship. We look forward to your presence with us and hope that you will receive a rich blessing and your experience today will be an uplifting one. We continue with part II of dealing with discouragement. We have all tried to avoid the big “D” word, but at some point or another in our lives, we have all experienced discouragement; perhaps you may be in such a moment as you read this. Discouragement is part of the human condition that we all encounter when we going through the vicissitudes of life. There are four “F” factors that may precipitate discouragement and I will share more in the sermon this week, but will briefly introduce them now: fatigue, frustration, failure, and fear. Each element has a way of overwhelming, overpowering, limiting, and paralyzing a person.  What we need to do is realize is that our perception is not always actually our reality, but it can become our reality because of the lens through which we view life. God speaks to Isaiah and to us in chapter 40:10 reminding us, “fear not and be not dismayed… I will uphold you with My righteous right hand…” We can all have courage and confidence that our God will uphold us up no matter we face, and He will see us through. How encouraging it is to know that His hand is upon us, and that we have nothing to fear when God is there. Be encouraged, be blessed, and behold your God – today and always!

– Pastor Daniel D. Saugh