Monthly Theme: “Just Serve Him!”

Welcome to Bronte today! This month are focusing on serving God. Service to our Lord is done when we help serve one another. Jesus reminds us of this in Matthew 25:40 (NIV) when He says, “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Here at Bronte, there are so many opportunities to help serve our brothers and sisters in the community. For example, today we can share God’s love to a resident at Sunrise Senior Living, to a person who might not have any other visitors other than a church group like ours; this afternoon, we can join the youth as they distribute bags to our neighborhood that will allow households to collect food during the week and next Sabbath, we can help the youth go back to pick up the donations to be delivered for distribution to the less fortunate; next Sunday, we can take part in fulfilling our duties as Park Ambassadors in a clean-up at Langtry Park (a section of 14 Mile Creek); and there are so many other programs at Bronte (just take a glance at the rest of the bulletin!) where we can volunteer. The more helping hands, the lighter the load. Talk to someone today about how/where you can get involved to serve our Lord, as you serve others.