From the Pastor’s Desk

Once again, welcome Bronte Church family as we approach the second Sabbath of September. It is a privilege to meet weekly, as if it were like yesterday! The academic school year is back in motion and it’s a busy season for many. Last night when I went to bed and woke up in the morning I thanked God that the floor my bed rests on, my feet touches and I walk on was in one piece; everything seemed normal. The truth is, it all seems routine and normal in our lives until something happens and it jolts our reality. Yesterday, people in Mexico in the southern coastal state of Chiapas went to bed and got up in the epicentre of an 8.1 magnitude earthquake; their homes were severely damaged, their floors and foundations cracked, broken up and some got sunken and swallowed into the ground. The tremors and after effects were felt in Mexico City about 650 miles away knocking out electricity for over 1 million people. According to the U.S. Geological survey the depth of the earthquake was 43 miles and the Mexican president called it the strongest they have seen in a century. When I hear reports like this, I think about how life can change without warning and upset or disrupt our normal life.  It seems that our foundations get shaken to the core and we are often left displaced. Does life seem that way for us sometimes? Do we feel like we are displaced by circumstances, conditions, people, and life? If the truth be told, I am sure we can all say that, at one point or another, if not yet, it will come. That is why we need a steady, sure, and stable foundation which should be derived from our faith. I am reminded about the parable of the two builders who chose different foundations, one on the rock and the other in the sand. The inevitable result of building on sand is that it shifts whereas; building on rock remains firm. The storms will come and when they do, may we build on the solid rock which cannot move.  May Jesus be the “epicentre” of our lives and faith and may no other foundation do, but our Lord Himself (2 Corinthians 3:11). With Jesus as our sure foundation, we can weather all the storms and situations in this life!

Pastor D. Saugh