Revive us Again!

 Welcome to Bronte Church! Have you ever seen fire fall from heaven? We have perhaps seen fireworks or some dazzling display of fire or pyrotechnics that captivated us. Fire is a fascinating element, source of energy and light. When it’s cold or dark at camp we light a fire, or when we want to burn something, we light a fire to consume it. Likewise, we need to keep the “fire” burning in our lives. If it goes out, we may grow cold in many ways and lose the light along the way. In our spiritual lives, fire purifies, refines, unites, warms and illuminates our way and we become like “gold tried in the fire” (Revelation 3:18) developing a character for eternity. As we conclude our series for this month, we pray that God will light or reignite a fire in your hearts to burn for him in sharing your faith, serving him, and making Him and His kingdom business a priority. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit fall on us and renew our minds, revive our spirits, and restore our souls to God.