From the Pastor’s Desk – Oct 14 2017

“Welcome to Bronte to study, worship, and fellowship as a family! As we continue our series this month on “Reviving Our Faith” I want you to think back: has your car ever got stuck and you needed to call a family member, friend, CAA, or tow truck for help because you could not get going? When they arrived, it may have been determined that your battery was dead, so they used booster/ jumper cables to revive your battery. To work, those cables had to connect electrical current from a source of power to the terminals of your battery. Then after you turned the ignition, the crank created a spark that was received by the terminals reviving the battery cell(s), and gave the “juice” needed to generate power and start your car. Is being stranded on the road with a dead car battery any different than being stranded spiritually on the road of life? I think of our spiritual lives in a similar way: we use our cables (communication through God’s Word and prayer), that connect from an external source of power (God) to create a spark (igniting our spiritual lives by the Holy Spirit) and revive our “spiritually dead or dying” state (giving life to sustain us). We all need to experience that ongoing power. In our cars, though the alternator helps to keep the battery recharged, many factors demand and drain the power of the battery. In life, factors that drain our spiritual power include: less time with God, too little time in His word, not enough prayer, less time serving, not sharing our faith, and perusing worldly and our own self-focused desires above putting God first and foremost in our lives. Instead, stop for a moment to experience complete silence, a place of quiet solitude and solace. David reminded himself as he does to us, “…Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:1). We cannot allow rapid paces to drain, drag, and dampen our spiritual life, let alone our overall life. Check into the charging station which is available to us 24/7; God’s presence, peace, and power from His Word and through prayer can connect us to the Ultimate Power Source all day long, every day of our lives!” — Pastor Daniel D. Saugh