From the Pastor’s Desk – Nov 4th 2017

We can’t wait to greet you and welcome you to the Bronte family and to the month of November as we gather to study, worship, and fellowship this Sabbath day. We are one month away from the last month of the year! The changing colours, the crisp air of autumn, and the falling leaves all beckon the beauty of the fall season. What a time of the year, when it feels like it is countdown, yet also a time to just pause and reflect on what is ahead. There have been so many changes in our world; the natural, political, environmental, social and religious world transforms so fast. Every day, headlines read something new, different, and even frightening. What word of hope can we hold onto and from what reliable source? Are the news, the media, or internet enough? We recently had the 500th commemoration of the Reformation, and one pillar of faith that was established was the authority of God’s word. How much does it mean to us? I would propound for thought that without the Bible, we could not be a Christian! Where would we be without it? Jesus Himself states that His words ‘are spirit and they are life’ (John 6:63). We must live by every word! God’s word cannot fail and will not ‘return unto Him void’ (Isaiah 55:11). We can bank on it and go to the bank with it!”

— Pastor Daniel D. Saugh