From the Pastor’s Desk | April 21 2017

Welcome to God’s house at Bronte as we gather to study, worship, and fellowship. The saying is that April showers bring May flowers, and given that we have had a steady season of rain, hopefully this rainfall will produce the budding and blossoming of flowers for the coming month. How about our lives? Would you like to see it flower? Would you like to see your life bud and blossom into something more than it is? Well, it can as we continue to explore how we can be kept by God through grace. God’s grace is like a fragrant flower, a power, an experience, a force and favour, merit, and mercy which we need in our lives. If it were not for grace, we would not be here or have what we do. If I am speeding and I get a ticket because I broke the law and it gets dropped by the judge, that’s grace. I don’t deserve it; I should get the ticket, but I received pardon. It does not give me the liberty or license to speed or break the law, but rather allows me to have a new slate again, learn from my mistakes, and I am indebted to grace. God’s grace works to forgive, heal, and restore. We often use the term as well to describe something beautiful, ergo, graceful – “a graceful flower or a graceful person”. We must receive God’s gift of grace (Jesus and Salvation) by faith and allow it to accomplish its purpose (Ephesians 2:8-10). We are created by God, for God, and grace helps to restore God’s image in us. All things we have and become are because of the power of God’s grace. May our prayer be, “God give me more grace today and everyday and work to make your beautiful creation out of my life”. I need more grace in my life, how about you?