From the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome back to church and the Bronte family!  As we gather to study, worship, and fellowship, may we truly experience a fresh anointing of God through the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The new year is still in its infancy and we have time to make adjustments and set things right.  I think of the analogy that new year is like a baby just beginning to walk.  First, the baby must creep, crawl, strive, struggle, get up and fall at times in order to ensure he/she can walk on both feet.  It is not easy for the baby, but there is seen a persistent determination not to deter him/her from that course of action.  Also, a baby often feeds frequently on food (“milk and meat”) to have the energy.  The baby is deliberate and decisive to walk and walk well.  How about us this new year?  How will we walk with God?  Will we creep, crawl or walk crooked with God?  Or will we desire to walk with God like Enoch of old did.  The Bible says that “Enoch walked with God and he was not (found among men), because God took him (Genesis 5:24).   Don’t give up.  Feed on His word, seek the Lord, pray on, keep walking, striving, living, and moving forward with God, guided by the Holy Spirit.  God desires to walk with us and is waiting for you, will you take the step?