From the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome to the Bronte Church family today!  We hope that you will find meaning, inspiration, hope and be blessed by our study and worship experience.  It is that time and season of the year.  The leaves are turning to that picturesque hue of orange, brown, red and yellow.  The golden coloured harvest of crops surround us that gives such a scene of exquisite beauty.  The bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, rice pilaf, and turkey (veggie for some!)   It’s that time of year again…we enjoy Thanksgiving.  However, it reminds us of the changing seasons of life and how we should approach it.  Are we thankful for our lives, our families, our health, our work, and all the blessings, privileges, opportunities but also the challenges that life affords us?  We are persons of habit and of such we have preferences for things that make us happy and by extension thankful.  When last have you stopped to be thankful for the “small stuff” in your life, like the air you breathe, being able to read this, walk, use your body, your spouse, child(ren), family and above all to the One who makes all this and more possible.  The Bible says in Ephesians 5:20, “Giving thanks always for all things unto God…”  Live life with an attitude of gratitude.    You will experience better health in every way because if you can find more things to be thankful for than complain about then you are beginning to really live!  Be thankful you can read this today and be blessed!


  • This month we will be having our Bible studies after service at 2:30 pm on our Spiritual Heritage and History.  Please make an effort to come out and join us.

Pastoral Post for July 1, 2016

Today we are celebrating our country’s 149th year. Living in Canada, we have so many privileges that, unless we stop and think about it, we take for granted – we live in a peaceful nation with many allies, have access to leading education and healthcare, and most importantly, allow accepted diversity and freedom. This last point – diversity and freedom – is part of the basis of this month’s theme, “Staying Connected to the Source.” If we consider that the Ultimate Source that we, as Christians, should be connected to is the Heavenly Father, than because of our religious liberties in Canada, the only thing stopping us from being connected to Him is our own free-will and choice. Just imagine what those in other countries go through to worship – condemnation, attack, and conviction, and even death… yet still they risk it all to put Our Lord first and worship Him. How inspirational!

Let’s take advantage of our first-world benefits and use our ability to freely praise Our Father for this and all that He deserves. I look forward to seeing everyone at Sabbath tomorrow, but if you happen to be away from Bronte this weekend, have a wonderful Sabbath.

Many blessings to everyone this weekend.

Pastor Daniel D. Saugh

Monthly Theme: “Mere Christianity”

Welcome to the month of June. We hope that you will join us at the house of God at Bronte this Sabbath. We hope that you experience God’s presence through our study, worship, and fellowship.

This month, we will explore a new theme, as we examine what it means to be a Christian in a world that is becoming hostile to Christianity.

What does it mean to represent Christ? Is Jesus really who He says He is? What’s the difference between living a life for God and apart from God? We will seek to answer some of these questions.

Our Christian living is based on our experience with God. We must have a living union with the living vine and have boldness that seeks to magnify and glorify God in our lives where everything else is second (Phil. 2:19-21).

It is not just “mere” Christianity, but a “must” Christianity that we must strive for. It’s not enough to just get by on little Christianity, little praying, little studying God’s Word, little sharing, and little with God.

Either Christ is the truly Lord of all in our lives, or none at all!

Let’s choose Christ, for to live is Christ and to die (to self/world) is gain!

Be blessed,
Pastor Daniel D. Saugh

Monthly Theme: “Cultivating Christ and Organic Spirituality”

Hello.. I look forward to seeing you all at Bronte tomorrow!

Have you ever thought about the cravings that we get – food we must eat, power we desire, possessions on top of our want list? We live in a society where what we crave, we strive to achieve, be it big or small. But how many times do we crave God’s Word?

1 Peter 2:1-3 (NKJV), “Therefore, laying aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking, as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious.”

What does it mean to “desire” Him? Think about it as a craving – longing for God, urgently needing to speak with Him, desperately wanting Him in your life, filling that void that you might have. Just like how milk fills our physical needs, our spiritual life also is dependent upon having a relationship with our Lord, and what better way to get to know Him than through prayer and reading the Bible so we can aim to follow Him?

Think about your spiritual journey right now. Do you “got ‘milk’?” in your life? If not, crave God, and cultivate a relationship with Him, today!

Once you get a taste of Him, He’s so good, you won’t let Him go.

Pastor Saugh

Monthly Theme for May: “Cultivating Christ and Organic Spirituality”

We look forward to welcoming you to Bronte tomorrow for study and worship on Sabbath, May 07. Please be reminded that this week we have Morning Manna at 8:30am; what better way to start the Sabbath, but bright and early with our Creator?

We have started a new month and have a new theme to explore. We’ll dive in to what it means to grow in grace and allow God to work in our lives. Oftentimes we get so busy in the routine of work, home, family, and other demands that life simply becomes “business as usual” and God takes the backburner as we squeeze out time for Him. However, in order for a seed to grow to become what it was designed and destined to be, it requires intentional time, effort, soil conditions, watering, sunshine, fertilizer, and tender loving care. Only then, in the most conducive environment, can it germinate and grow into the beautiful flora it was meant to be. Similarly, in our Christian experience, we need to cultivate in a setting that will best stimulate growth. The Bible refers to us as branches that should be connected to the vine; in order to yield fruit we must  remain connected while the “Vine Dresser” works to prune and purge us, because apart from Him we can bear nothing (John 15:1-5). So take the necessary time to grow intentionally, experience fully, and act  meaningfully to experience the abundant life that He wants you to have (John 10:10).

Monthly Theme: “Focus on the Family!”

Welcome to Bronte! We pray that your families have been enriched and inspired by the messages on family life these last few weeks. Today, we welcome to the pulpit our guest speaker, Pastor Sarah Oliveira-Augustin, who will conclude this month’s theme. In the book of Jeremiah 31 the Lord says, “‘At the same time… I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.’” (verse 1, NKJV). God wants to be the Head of each one of our families and His desire and design for us, His children, is that we grow and live together in a healthy social, emotional, physical, and spiritual manner. Since the beginning of time, no family has been perfect; we must work together to develop, nurture, and support one another. It is not an easy job; we have to fight for what we wish to achieve. By accepting our families as they are, adopting life changing principles, and ensuring God is the centre of our families, our relationships with each other will greatly improve. Let God be the Lord of your families as you protect, preserve, and promote taking time to worship, study, play, and pray together. God bless each family here today.

From the Pastor’s Desk | Sabbath, April 16, 2016

Welcome to the Bronte Church at worship today.

As we continue our monthly theme “Focus on the Family”, we hope that this month has been treating you and your families well. We pray that you are benefiting from the series of messages that provide some helpful insights on how to create and nurture healthy families. We all need to be whole and healthy individually in order to nurture a healthy family.

Every family member has a rhythm they live by and if it is not in sync with the greater whole it can cause conflict and challenge healthy relations. If one member is hurt or ill, it affects the entire family unit. It is infectious, hereditary, and plays out in how we relate to each other. This may be difficult to overcome the burden or weakness, but it is necessary for one to be address these embedded issues that are often buried or hidden. They may stem from a source of dissatisfaction, depression, disillusionment, discouragement, or damaging experience. This week, we will explore part II on restoring the rhythm of relationships from an individual perspective on what we bring to our families.

A family is like an orchestra or band. If the music is to flow, it must be in harmony. One discordant or missed note can spoil the entire score of music! Likewise, without God (the Conductor) at the centre of our lives, we miss that vital note that makes the music incomplete.

What are the missing or discordant notes in our lives where music is silent or lacks harmony?

What areas do we need God to work more deeply in our individual lives so we can contribute to the health and happiness of our relationships and families?

The Bible says, “Love wisdom like a sister; make insight a beloved member of your family.” (Proverbs 7:9, NLT).

Let us get seek the wisdom and guidance we need to restore the rhythm and avoid the dissonance… Becoming one with our Father, we will be sure to make beautiful music in our lives and within our families!

Reflect on Christ’s Great Sacrifice of Love

Welcome to the Bronte Church family! This weekend all around the world people gather to celebrate and remember the time of the passion and Passover. It may be confusing to some who may ask what does chocolates, Easter bunnies and eggs have to do with it? Well, really nothing at all!. During the time of Christ and the celebration of the Passover especially as He was preparing for Calvary, there was also a pagan festival that was also celebrated to the alleged goddess of fertility, spring and light Eostre which became known as Easter and it somehow got mixed in and merged with what people today know as Easter. However, if the truth be told, it really has nothing to do with what the real truth of the occasion is. There are even movies today being produced that portray a more accurate message of the occasion such as recently released Risen and The Young Messiah. This is a time we pause and reflect on the great sacrifice made by the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. Romans 5:8, says, “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while w were yet sinners Christ died for us,” (NASB). We were in fatal condition and sentenced to death because of sin. But Jesus, came to make a way for us through His grace to be reconciled back to God by bridging the gap with His own life so that through believing and accepting Him as our Saviour from sin and Lord of our life we can not only be forgiven but set free to live a life that honours Him. What will be your response to His love for you? As we celebrate the Last Supper through foot washing and communion at our Lord’s table, may we open our hearts and receive Him in today anew. We have courage for today, hope for tomorrow, and life everlasting because He is risen, for looked where they laid Him, He is no longer there! Let us thank God and remember Him this weekend for His infinite sacrifice of love as we look forward to meeting and eating with Him one day soon at Heaven’s banquet table!

Living your Season with Reason!

Spring is in the air once again! We are transitioning from one season to the next; you can hear the birds chirping, see the grass greening and the buds opening, and observe life returning! Perhaps this is the season that we most enjoy, as it is colourful with character and signifies the renewal of life, full of vibrance and vitality.  Is this what the season looks like to you?  Could you be in need of a renewal of life this spring season?  Could it be that you need some new experience, a new job, a new relationship, new purpose, a new path, or just overall out with the old and in with the new?  The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…” (NKJV).  Well, welcome to the spring of hope.  Seize the moment, bask in the sunshine, grow in grace, live by the Word, walk with purpose, claim your season, and trust in God.  He can give you that sense of renewed purpose, meaning, and a reason to live.  Though the road of life may be difficult, challenging, disorienting, and sometimes unfair, you must carry on because a bend in the road does not mean the end of the road.  If you allow God to be your guide and use His word to be your road map, you will surely be traveling in the right direction.  If you take your hand off the wheel, then give it over to God; His hand on the wheel is better than yours.  As I used to share with many, everyday above ground is a great day.  So go on, live again, breathe again, rejoice again, and hope again — for every day is a gift from God.  Ensure that you live with the right attitude, which will determine your altitude… spread your wings and start soaring to a new height this season!

Monthly Theme: “Just Serve Him!”

Welcome to Bronte today! This month are focusing on serving God. Service to our Lord is done when we help serve one another. Jesus reminds us of this in Matthew 25:40 (NIV) when He says, “‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” Here at Bronte, there are so many opportunities to help serve our brothers and sisters in the community. For example, today we can share God’s love to a resident at Sunrise Senior Living, to a person who might not have any other visitors other than a church group like ours; this afternoon, we can join the youth as they distribute bags to our neighborhood that will allow households to collect food during the week and next Sabbath, we can help the youth go back to pick up the donations to be delivered for distribution to the less fortunate; next Sunday, we can take part in fulfilling our duties as Park Ambassadors in a clean-up at Langtry Park (a section of 14 Mile Creek); and there are so many other programs at Bronte (just take a glance at the rest of the bulletin!) where we can volunteer. The more helping hands, the lighter the load. Talk to someone today about how/where you can get involved to serve our Lord, as you serve others.