A Special Message from the Pastor’s Desk (Fall 2015)

Pastor D. SaughChange is here!!!  Are you seeing the changes all around you?  Are you experiencing a change in clothes, weather, and life?  We see the falling and changing of the leaves with its various hues and coloration.  We see what was once green transition to brown-orange-reddish shades.  Seasons come and seasons go.  We having “fallen” into the Fall season and with it comes change.  It signals a new season and also preparation for the next season.  Change is inevitable.  We are confronted by change.  However, change is never easy.  We either accept or reject it.  Embracing change in a positive way that helps us to grow, mature or develop is the best way to approach it.  And such is life…we change…our bodies, our careers, our goals, our dreams, our families, our children, and our perspective.  Hopefully, we look for the positives that change brings and accept those things we cannot change.  Through it all, we need to live life with resonance!  Choose to change for the better, the change that enhances our lives, the change that improves us, the change that is acceptable despite our circumstances!  As people of hope, we believe that there is a greater change coming.  We live in a world where not all change is good, happy or positive, but we can hold on to the fact that when God is at the centre of our lives, He makes changes for our good.  The Bible says that “all things work together for good to then that love him…” Romans 8:28.  We also know that though everything on this side of eternity may not seem to change for the better but one day an ultimate change is coming that which if for our eternal good.  1 Corinthians 15:31 says, “Behold, I show you a mystery…but we shall all be changed…” that change will be permanent, perfect, and perpetual.  The things we lost, the changes that affected us adversely, will all be changed once and for all for the better because that change will restore everything and that season will never end.  Walk toward and wait till your change comes!